Heather – the fittest model of Eurotica

Women can be strong. Women can be stronger than we think. And not only figuratively – literally! Heather is a fitness and a glamour model, who is extremely skinny and muscular – and still beautiful.

Heather – the fittest model of Eurotica

Heather started modeling at the age of 18: she was young and wonderful and photographers just adored her. She got one job after another, and as time passed by, she wanted more, more, more. She started doing sports and fell in love with fitness. This is how she became a bikini competitor. Sounds great, isn’t it?

But sorry guys, her heart is taken. After falling in love with fitness, she fell in love with her personal trainer as well. We wish them to live happily ever after! We still have her pictures: click here to view the full photo set!

Eurotica: You post motivational quotes onto your Facebook page regularly. Which one is your favorite? Which one describes you the best?

Heather: This life is hard it is going to beats you down with every opportunity. The larger you grow in life so do the critics. They will criticize your every move and malign you for any decision outside of perfection. They are nothing more than coward cursed by the voices of their own fears screaming in jealousy wishing they had the strength to take the chances you did. The higher you climb, the less you hear of the masses huddled at the bottom of bickering in their state of miserable normality. I can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in me.

Heather – the fittest model of Eurotica

Eurotica: Besides fitness and photo shoots: what else do you like? What is your hobby, your passion?

Heather: I like travelling, especially visiting beautiful beaches. My favorite place is Miami so far: I went there for a photo shooting and I was stunned by the kindness of people there. I can say that it was one of the best trips ever: both professionally (I worked with some great photographers) and personally. Nice, warm, sunny place: it is my dream destination!

Do we have anybody from Miami among our users? Invite Heather immediately! :)

Heather – the fittest model of Eurotica

But before the nice Miami summer, there is another travel waiting for her: she is going to visit some mountains in the neighboring countries, to try snowboarding for the first time. Wish her luck: we don't want her to hurt those beautiful legs, right?

Click here to view the full photo set!