Anne – a beautiful girl's first time on camera

Anne is not a professional model – especially not a professional nude model. Actually this was the first time that she took off her clothes in front of a photographer. But we really hope that this wasn’t the last time, because she is gorgeous.

Anne – a beautiful girl's first time on camera

Anne is a 22 years old girl, nice and cute and open-minded. Well, not only open minded, if you know what we mean. ;)

She may be an easy catch, but she is really hard to keep; ordinary man just bore her, so you can't sweep her off her feet with a netflix and chill night. Do you want to blow her mind? Invite her for a long walk in the forest, or organize a paintball-party. But be careful; she went to Police Vocational School so she handles the weapons as good as any man. Or maybe better?

She almost became a policewoman, the only problem was that she is only 153 cm (appr. 5 feet) tall.


First nudes of Anne

Have a look at this girl. Would you believe that she is camera shy? She never looks for modeling jobs, jobs usually find her. She doesn't even have a portfolio: one photographer recommends her to another and this is how she is offered the jobs.

Due to her shyness she is pretty conservative; she usually poses for fashion and glamour photos. Well, until now. Here you can see her first nudes ever!

Anne – a beautiful girl's first time on camera

Anne: This was my very first time being naked in front of a lot of people and I was really-really nervous. When I entered the room, there were 6-7 people inside. The photographer looked at me and was really surprised. Wow, I thought you were taller! – he said and we all started to laugh. This helped a lot.

Everybody was so nice during the shooting. First we started with some clothes on – lingerie mostly – and then, I started to take them off one by one. After a while I got used to the situation and the people around me, but every time someone new came into the studio, I said: Please, turn around, don't look at me! Gabor, the photographer asked: I don't have to turn around, do I?

Well, we are really glad that Anne let Gabor to watch and take photos, because it would be shame if we couldn't see these pictures.

Anne – a beautiful girl's first time on camera

Have you ever heard the saying good things come in small packages? Well, it's really true: Anne is a small package, but beautiful and lovely.

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