Adrienn – selfie and boobfie specialist

She introduces herself as boobfie specialist… huh, it sounds great, isn’t it? It includes the word boob so it can’t be bad. She loves to be on the camera, she loves to be naked and she has some really hot sexual fantasies - we think that we’ve found the perfect woman!

Adrienn – selfie and boobfie specialist

Do you know what Hungary is famous for? Nice wines and beautiful women. You have already met a few of the girls on Eurotica, and now let us introduce somebody, who comes from one of the most popular wine regions of the country. Eger city is in the north, and it has place called Valley of beautiful women. We are pretty sure that Adrienne was conceived there.

Adrienne is not an average woman. She is a gorgeous, pretty, awesome phenomena. Her photos, her boobs, her smile, her boobs, her beautiful booty, her boobs… everything is just perfect. When you first meet her it is impossible to notice anything else but her beautiful breasts, but when she opens her mouth, you realize that there is more than that. She is an interesting, exciting girl, who is keen on music, parties, space traveling, and doomsday theories (!).


Eurotica: What are your 3 favorite body parts?

Adrienn: My face, my tits (they are implants, but super soft ones) and my lower back. Well, the last one can be unusual, but nice lower back is important for a model like me. Someone, who likes to do good arching positions for the pics.


Do you need more proof that she is really the perfect woman?

Adrienn – selfie and boobfie specialist

Well… we give you 5 reasons why we just love her:

1. We've already mentioned that she's hot.

2. She posts boobfies (selfie with boobs) onto her Facebook page almost every day.

3. She is an amazing model AND a cool DJ too.

4. She LOVES to be naked. Seriously.

5. She already has a boyfriend, but she fantasizes about threesomes, so you still have a chance.


Eurotica: What kind of guys do you like?

Adrienn: I like when somebody have a strong sexual aura, I love the continuous sexual excitement around him – or her. Yes, I like girls too. I like sporty guys who are not too muscular. Like surfers. But it is most important that I like funny, entertaining, smiley and positive people around me. Just like me.

Adrienn – selfie and boobfie specialist

But be careful guys: she is not an easy catch, she is a real challenge. You better wait her to take the first step: if she's interested she won't hesitate to go and flirt with you.

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