Carina - beautiful and smart

Have you ever met a model who is beautiful AND smart? Meet Carina, who is not only a beautiful glamour, fashion and nude model, but also a makeup artist, she is fond of architecture and art. Click for the article about her job, her love, and useful tips about how to pick up beautiful models, like herself… and for pics!

Carina - beautiful and smart

If you've ever thought that models are beautiful but dumb, forget it immediately! Carina is so smart, she usually surprise people when she reveals her job.

Carina: 'When I met my boyfriend (sorry guys, she is taken) he didn’t think that this relationship would last longer than a couple of dates. I am happy that he changed his mind.'

Eurotica: 'How did he sweep you off your feet? What is the ultimate pick up line to ask out a model like you?'

'Well, there was no ultimate pickup line. We started to chat online, and as every other girls, I checked this Facebook account, where he only had one picture - a really old one. It made me curious.'

'Was it the mystery?'

'There was no specific reason. On our first date he came to pick me up, and as I opened the door, he said 'Gosh! You are as beautiful as on the pictures'. And it was love at first sight.'

Carina - beautiful and smart

Carina is in love with modeling - she always gives 200% - but from time to time she is cheating her lover with other projects.

'Modeling is my job, but I am a makeup artist as well, and I even do some special effects for movies too.'

'And you write.'

'Yes, I write a blog, Fairy Tales from the Ice World which is mostly about fashion industry, modeling, and professional secrets. I am graphomaniac and this really helps me to express myself.' (Sorry guys, the blog is in Hungarian, but it is worth to visit it for some pictures of Carina.)

'Let's talk about nude photography - I am pretty sure that the readers want to know and see more. What do you show and what are the secret parts?'

'I love beautiful, artistic nudes - when things are not really visible, when the photographer is engaged with the beauty of the whole body and not with pornographic idea. No open legs and no pussy – even breasts are taboo for most of the photographers. There are only a few photographers who can capture me full naked.'

Carina - beautiful and smart

Well, if you check out Carina's photos, you will be jealous of those few photographers!