4 sexual tricks to blow her mind in the bedroom

As they say, a male orgasm is like an instrument and the female orgasm is like a symphony. It is more complicated, more difficult to reach, but the hard work always worth it. And if you want to seduce a really hot woman, you have to do your best. So we collected 4 super sexy tips for you to impress her!

4 sexual tricks to blow her mind in the bedroom

Have you ever heard that 'a woman heats up like an iron and a man burns up like a match'? Well, according to the studies for most of the men orgasm is just inevitable after a certain amount of stimulation. That is why 75% of men can reach orgasm almost every sexy time and only 50% of women can tell the same.

The bigger problem is that most of the men can't even realize if their partner is not satisfied; according to Indiana University Center’s survey only 64% of women reached orgasm during the last sexual experience, but 85% of men were sure that their partners enjoyed it.

What a pity!

When it comes to a really, really hot women - like the models of Eurotica ;) - who can have sex any time she wants, there is no place for mistakes. If you are not good enough, there won't be a second chance.

But don't panic; if you keep these 4 basic rules in mind that will make her to want more of you!


1. Everything starts in the mind.

For men it’s about nice view and physical stimulation. If you see a hot woman, you are ready. If you have a good time together, you have an orgasm. It is that simple for most of us.

Women are more complicated. You have to seduce their mind first. This is the time for compliments and nice talk.


2. Make her feel sexy.

Do you know what turns women on? Themselves.

Yep, it is a fact; the sexier she feels, the more sex she wants. Did she buy new lingerie recently? It is 50% for your pleasure, and it is 50% for hers. Never hide your enthusiasm - this will arouse her!


3. Don't forget about different types of orgasms.

Do you know that women can have different type of orgasms? Clitoral orgasm is like fireworks, vaginal is like an earthquake, and don't forget about anal and G-spot orgasms. All of them are unique, don't stick to one!

(And don't forget that you two can try the different combinations of them as well.)


4. Listen and watch carefully.

Every woman is different. For women every sexual experience is different. One of them likes this, and the other likes that. Maybe she liked something the last time, but doesn't enjoy it this time. Whatever you do, check the reactions! She will tell you – with her mouth or with her body – what to do and what not to do.


Happy experimenting!